How To Get Fit When You Are Busy AF

I have been asked this questions too many times to count on my hands so I figured I would write a blog post! Working full-time, going to school full-time, juggling relationships and a blog takes up most of my time, but because fitness is my passion, I always find time to fit it in (no pun intended).

Now the real question is, how big of a priority is your health? Just sip on that question for a second and really think about what being healthy means to you.

So in order to set time aside from our daily schedules we must determine why we are actually wanting to work out in the first place? Is it an extrinsic motivator (I want to look great and fit into that size 2 dress), or is it an intrinsic motivator (I just want to feel my best and be healthy)? Both motivators are great and it’s extremely important to figure out why you want to start your fitness journey so you can remind yourself of that when the going gets tough.


The first tip is to figure out your schedule and determine when it would be a good time to get a work out in. For example, let’s say you work Monday through Friday from 9 to 5, but the evenings are usually open. In order to hold yourself accountable, physically write in your calendar, phone, notepad, (whatever works for you) that you are going to workout at this time and place. OR if you just want to come straight home from work and relax, set your alarm earlier in the morning so you can get a workout in before you go to work! Like a doctor or dental visit, exercise is just as important for your health.



For just under a year I worked as a health consultant for a weight loss company and when I worked one on one with my clients, I was ALWAYS told, “well after I come home from work I really just want to relax and watch my favorite TV show,” and to that question I asked, what’s stopping you from watching your favorite TV show and exercising? A rule that I love while watching a show is to get up and do bursts of intense workouts during the commercials, OR if you have a stationary machine (bike, elliptical, treadmill) get a workout in while your watching your show! Β Win win!



If you are one of those people who always plan on getting in a workout after you work and then you come home and get side tracked, don’t worry, I did the same thing. The good news is there is a super easy fix for that. Keep your gym clothes, shoes, bag, etc. in your car!! Pack it ahead of time so you don’t make any excuses for yourself. When you’re coming home from work or school, you are already out and about so just throw on those workout clothes, get a good workout in, and then you will have the rest of the evening to do what you please! Plus, you will feel super accomplished!

Adidas Gym Bag





I had a mother ask me how she could get a workout in while she works full-time and runs a family and a blog. Damn girl, you inspire me!! There are several ways you can get a workout in aside from the tips I listed above. One of the greatest solutions to this is a gym with a day care. My local gym charges a small fee on top of your monthly membership so you can get in a good workout and your kiddos get to have some fun! And the best part, they usually put TV screens displaying your kids in the gym so you can keep an eye on them as well.

Another thing that I see often are mothers working out with their children in the same room or teaching them a workout! It’s really fun and the children get to see their mom being active and setting a good example. There are TONS of videos and blog posts about this on Instagram, Facebook, etc.





Students have pretty crazy schedules, trust me I know. BUT, most universities or community colleges allow their students to use the gym for free as long as they are actively enrolled. If you have a long break in between classes, take a small gym break and de stress from school.





Working out with someone is so fun because the other person is constantly motivating and challenging you while you are doing the same for them! I can’t even tell you how many times I was going to skip on the gym but one of my gym partners reminded me of my goals and why I wanted to go in the first place. A gym buddy is a must.

There are so many different ways you can get a workout in with a busy schedule but it really comes down to prioritizing what is most important to you. If you guys have any other suggestions I would love to hear them, please comment down below!

26 thoughts on “How To Get Fit When You Are Busy AF

  1. I only recently discovered the video streaming that comes with an amazon prime membership. There are tons of exercise videos on there! It’s easy to find one to match the amount of time you have available. Currently working my way through some of the yoga and pilates videos. I enjoy that there’s no set time to attend class.


    1. Don’t be afraid girl!! I can understand that though, it can be intimidating starting out. Check out my training Tuesday posts, I’ll be giving free workouts at home, the gym, and the track! Hopefully that will help a bit. πŸ™‚

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  2. First of all I LOVE that Adidas duffle bag. Secondly, you give lots of good advises on making a workout a priority. I feel like you have covered all the excuses people have for not working out. But you’ve done it with good solutions. πŸ™‚

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  3. Having a workout buddy really pushed me even though I have to do the pushing sometimes. I love this post and I know we usually have excuses for not working out but you addressed that. I need to try working out while doing what I love

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  4. Getting your exercise during commercial breaks is a great idea for people who are trying to keep up with their favorite shows. There’s definitely a lot you can do if you choose not to make excuses instead.

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