My Top Four Current Reads

Before I went into college I was a total book worm. I would rather stay home and curl up next to a great book than go out on a Saturday night, totally dorky right? However, when I started studying, I hardly read anything other than textbooks. Now that it’s summer, I have been reading non stop and I have some amazing books to share with you!

I love reading because books allow me to escape from my reality and also teach me valuable lessons.



This book and it is absolutely life changing. Falling into Grace, is based on spiritual awakening and how we as humans can end personal suffering and live a truly meaningful life. Adyashanti, has been a spiritual teacher for 15 years and has put together a beautifully written piece focused on spiritual awakening, the human dilemma, living in the present, and being free. This is a MUST read!!



If you have met me personally, you know that my beliefs are a little out there, but I do believe that everyone has psychic abilities whether or not they even realize it. I have had some amazing experiences with mediums that I have seen and I have some pretty crazy firsthand experiences (comment down below if you would like me to write about this). This book was written by a medium who has incredible gifts and has transformed her gifts into her passion for helping others. She writes about what it means to be clairvoyant, chakra balancing, spirit guides, how to develop and strengthen your gifts, and much more.

PARANORMAL: My Life in Pursuit of the Afterlife: Raymond Moody


I was raised in the Christian religion because of my family, but I never truly believed in it. However, I have so much respect for Christianity and all other religions that preach love and light. When I became a teenager, I searched for answers about life, specifically the afterlife. I was desperate to form a belief that our life does not truly end when we die, because I hoped that we would move onto a happier place. I found this book in pursuit of my search for never ending life. I love this book because it talks about the afterlife from a non biased and scientific standpoint. This book is also great for people who already have set beliefs but are looking to expand a little bit.

YOU ARE WOMAN, YOU ARE DIVINE: The Modern Woman’s Journey Back to the Goddess: Renee Starr


My dear friend recommended this book to me and I quickly snatched it up. As you can see from the title, it is directed more towards women rather than men, but it really is a great read for everyone. Renee Starr states that women today have unbalanced feminine energy due to modern society and also talks about how you can re balance your feminine energy. This book is insightful, empowering, and riveting. It shows us what it really means to be a woman and how powerful we actually are.

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