Where do I even start?

I have had a lot of questions about gyms and which ones are the best, so I’m going to give you some information on my experiences and information on this topic in a blog post! For someone who has never been to the gym, it can be pretty intimidating. When I first started I had many questions like “what machines are there? What do I do with them? And where do I even begin???”

I began googling local gyms in Salt Lake and some of the main gyms that popped up were Planet Fitness, Gold’s Gym, and local community centers. In this blog post, I am going to talk about four gyms in Salt Lake City that I think cater to everyone’s individual needs and are great places to get started.

I want to start out by saying that I have personally tried only two of the four gyms that I am going to review. The other gyms that I will review will all be factual information that I have gathered, and I will give my opinion on why I think those gyms would be great for a specific target group.

Planet Fitness


I started out at Planet Fitness because it was close to my house, my job, and was the most affordable (I was a broke high school student). Planet Fitness is known for their “no judgment zone” which attracts a lot of people because it makes potential members feel comfortable knowing that everyone is welcome.

So what are the pros that I have experienced? Planet Fitness has really affordable plans starting at $10 a month for a basic membership. This membership allows you to visit your home fitness center as much as you want. Aside from that, PF has  another payment option starting at $20 a month for a black card which enables you to visit any Planet Fitness, which is still a really great price. Other perks of having the black card are that you get access to the tanning beds, massage chairs, and hydromassage machines. On top of that, you get 20% off Reebok online and you get half off on the drinks sold in Planet Fitness. Another pro to PF is that there are many fitness centers in the entire nation, so if you are one who travels a lot, this may be a great option for you.

Now that we’ve looked at the pros I’m going to discuss some of the cons. While Planet Fitness provides great services to a huge variety of people (all ages), this means that there is no specialized equipment, but instead very basic equipment. I have been to five different PF gyms and all were very small, had limited equipment, and little variety. If you are anything like me, and get bored of the same machines and equipment, PF may not be for you. In PF, there are smith machines, free weights, cardio machines, and some other machines and a small cable area. I don’t recommend PF for those who train intensely and use a variety of techniques. However, if you are looking to get in a quick and effective workout, PF is great for you!

VASA Fitness


VASA is the second gym I have tried, and where I am currently at (and will probably stay forever honestly). I am in LOVE with this gym. I had several friends who had said great things about VASA and I wanted to give it a try.

VASA offers two different monthly memberships: Basic and Fitness. The basic membership is $9.99 a month with a $49.99 enrollment fee. This allows you access to one gym, the weights, and cardio machines. The Fitness membership (this is the one that I have and recommend) is $19.99 a month with a $9.99 enrollment fee. This membership allows you access to all locations, weights, cardio, basketball, swimming pool, hot tub, tanning, classes, and childcare. YES, I said childcare. VASA understands that moms are incredibly busy and they have solved that problem for mothers out there who hold health and fitness as a priority, and the best part is they have cameras so you can watch your children play safely from the many tvs they have set up around the gym. That way you can bring your little ones and get some exercise in. 🙂

Another pro of VASA is that they have a huge variety of machines and equipment. They have several variations of the same equipment to ensure that members aren’t waiting for other people to finish with their workout. VASA has rows of cardio machines, a huge free weight room, a women’s free weight room, weight racks, a track, TRX, cables, a huge aerobic room for classes, a basketball court, and a swimming pool. Classes offered include: yoga, weights, pilates, stretch, boot camp, and zumba. These classes are offered for Fitness members at all times of the day. VASA also provides personal training!

As for cons, I can honestly say I have none. I’m sure there are others that would disagree and have some things that they dislike about VASA. I on the other hand, have had great experiences and wonderful customer service with this gym, AND it’s incredibly affordable.

Orange Theory


Orange Theory is a completely different gym setting than the two that I have mentioned above. Unlike Planet Fitness and VASA, Orange Theory’s memberships determine how many times you are able to work out in their fitness center. Pricing consists of: Basic (four classes a month) $59/month ; Elite (eight a month) $99/month; and Premier (unlimited) $159/month. You can add additional classes to Basic and Elite for $14 and $12.

Orange theory is also a group based fitness gym, meaning all of their classes are instructed by a certified teacher with anywhere from 15-25 members. Orange theory is described as fast paced, very intense, and unique. Classes provided are 45- minutes, 60- minutes, and “tornado classes” which allows members to split up their class into weights, rowing, and treadmill work.

From my online research, I have gathered that Orange Fitness is not for a beginner. Reviews online by current and past members state that it is very intense and hard, but also rewarding. Reviews also conclude that Orange Fitness has a really positive and motivating environment. However, if you don’t like the idea of paying a high price of $159/month just to get unlimited visits, this gym may not be for you.



Xcel is located right in the heart of Holladay, Utah and looks incredibly nice. I have never been but I plan on trying their 3 day free pass and I will write a more descriptive review in the future. 🙂 Xcel is described as a luxury gym and the memberships are set at a hefty price. It was actually nearly impossible to find price points for their memberships (I found information through reviews-not the actual website). Memberships start at $80/months but members have nothing but great things to say about the amenities offered. They provide: personal training, crossfit, pilates, high intensity cardio classes, yoga, HIIT classes, barbell club, and regular machines/equipment if you like to workout at your own pace.

I have yet to find one bad review about this gym. To me, the only downfalls I could think of would be the price point and the fact that there is only one location. However, from what I have gathered I believe that it is a really nice gym and I look forward to trying it out in the future!

So where do you guys go to workout? Leave a comment down below, I’d love to hear your personal experiences!

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