Letting go of the old, in with the new

Now I’m no psychologist, but I do have my own rituals that help me clear my mind and soul to help me achieve a balanced psyche. I’ve mentioned in other posts how anxiety has played a major role in my life and it has been challenging changing my perspective on anxiety from looking at it like it is the base to my foundation and something that cripples me rather than seeing it as a way to help me grow and persevere. When I do get anxiety I like to take a step back, assess the situation, and ask questions like why am I feeling this way? What are the negative feelings I am associating with myself right now, and what would I rather believe about myself instead? By analyzing the situation, it helps me to calm down and de-stress. This is one way I like to take myself out of a compromising situation. I have a lot of rituals but my favorite exercise is what I call a burning ritual.

For my favorite exercise you will need:

  • A piece of paper/notepad
  • Pen
  • Lighter
  • A space you feel comfortable in (for me personally, I feel best in nature).


On one side of a piece of paper I write down all of the negative feelings/memories I would like to let go of, for example: rejection, shame, and sadness. This can be specific or very general. To me, all of these things create negative energy and reside within my body which can ultimately impact my day to day life in a negative way.

On the other side of the paper I write down things that I would like to invite into my life instead, for example: abundance, love, and confidence/self-love. These are the things I want to focus on in order for me to become the best and happiest version of myself.

Next, I find a quiet space where I can be alone with my thoughts. I then read through my lists and relive these moments as if they were just happening to me for the first time because this will be the last moment that I focus on these negative events because they no longer serve a purpose in my life. I like to reflect and think about the lessons that I have learned from each situation and how they have made me a better person. When I’m all finished, I light the paper on fire and let go of all of the bad feelings and bring in the new positive feelings.


This helps me cleanse and release built up negative energy. By the end of this exercise I always feel rebalanced and rejuvenated. If you have any self-love rituals comment down below!

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