Getting Serious.

Health is incredibly important to me and getting ready for the summer is just another exciting challenge for me to get back on track and get lean. Now, I try to focus on staying fit and active as well as being conscious about what I eat year-round, but during the spring I get serious. Every spring I go on an eight-week cut to prepare for the summer so I feel lean and mean, and what’s even better is I got my boyfriend to do an eight-week bulk with me! Studying nutrition has helped me greatly to create meal plans for both my boyfriend and I, but what helped the most is All of their programs are free and personalized specifically to your goal. If you are trying to come up with a meal plan for yourself definitely check out their site. Each week I’ll be taking you along with me and I’ll be giving you a glimpse at what my meals and activity will be like and hopefully this can inspire you to get active and healthy!

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