My Night Routine

Believe it or not I’m actually writing this post at 11 pm when I should already be finished with my night routine and have been on my way to sleep! But what’s a better way to procrastinate sleeping with a blog post right?

My night routine is sacred to me because it’s the end of a day and preparation for the next day to come. I’m also a night owl if you couldn’t tell! Usually after I eat my dinner I start my night routine and I do so by getting cleaned up – washing off my makeup, cleaning my face, and brushing my teeth. This is crucial to me because I love feeling clean and refreshed.

Next, I start to prepare for my day ahead. I love having a no rush morning and by prepping at night, it saves me a lot of time. I do this by making sure my room is clean, picking out my outfit for wherever I am headed that next day, and making sure my food is prepped. This comes in handy when you are on the go with work and school and these habits help eliminate tardiness!

After the boring stuff, I like to get into my cozy pajamas and hop into bed with my fluffy boy. Now in my opinion, it is best to go to sleep right away when you get into bed to ensure that you are getting your beauty rest, but to be honest I love to surf on social media or watch a little bit of Netflix. Some of my favorite series are Shameless, Nurse Jackie, and Weeds.

After I’m tired and finally ready to sleep I say some of my favorite positive affirmations, reflect on the high points of my day, and tell myself that I’m going to have a great day tomorrow. 🙂

Comment down below what you like to do for your night routine!

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